Friday, November 04, 2011

Top Ten Baby Items.

a sweet friend has a baby girl in her belly, due in april. her name will be Eliana, which means 'God has promised'. don'tcha love that??

upon hearing her first-time-looking-at-babies-r-us woes, i thought i'd dedicate a little post to her on my favorite baby items.

so, with nothing further, here is my Top Ten Baby Item Listo:

1. travel size everything. travel highchair that straps to your kitchen chair. travel swing that can be thrown in the trunk of your car. travel size, travel size, travel size. for some reason unbeknownst to me, my parents nor my in-laws never got any baby-holding devices aside from a used crib. so, whenever we were visiting, somebody had to hold the baby. and, as fun as that sounds for a bit, everyone wants to eventually put the baby in a swing & stare at it while talking & chatting with family or helping to cook a meal, whatever. this is my #1 baby item advice.

2. 2, maybe 3, crib sheets. definitely for the obvious spit-up & diaper explosion reasons, coupled with functioning on 2-3 hours of sleep at a time for several weeks & no desire to do laundry. didn't get enough crib sheets but you have a ton of those thinner, soft receiving blankets? simply lay that blanket across where your baby's head stays, tuck the ends under the sides of the mattress so that it lays nice and tight, and all you need do is change out receiving blankets instead of wrestle with a crib mattress. i've even been known to cut big blankets in half to use in this manner. also, plain cloth diapers from walmart work well, too.

3. the infant seat carrier/combo stroller dealio. i know it's a lot less expensive to get the all-in-one infant/convertible/booster seat one time instead of buying the convertible seat when baby gets older. . but it sure is easy to transport a sleeping baby into church, into the grocery store, to the mall as you walk off some baby stress on a rainy day. . let's face it. nobody likes to wake a sleeping baby.

4. white noise machine/rainmaker/ceiling fan/box fan. . some sort of background noise of baby's sleep. we have a small, one-level house. J-boy's crib is on the other side of our TV wall. we have people in our house uh-lot, til late in the evening after the kiddos go to bed. it can get. . rowdy. and it sure makes me feel better knowing the kids can't hear most of the commotion & are snoozing away. maybe this isn't necessary if you have a big house & baby sleeps in the west wing, or if you want to train your baby to sleep while you vacuum under his crib. that never worked for me! this is the one we've used for our 3 babes, on the 'waterfall' setting. . one of my personal baby item tips.

5. the bouncy seat. oh, who doesn't love the bouncy seat? it bounces, it sits, it travels pretty well. what a winner! bouncy seat in the bathroom while you take a shower. bouncy seat outside while you work in the garden. bouncy seat 'round the campfire. bouncy seat in the pool---well, you get what i mean. it's an awesome piece of baby equipment.

6. linky links. i've used these everywhere. the Eldest screamed on every car ride until she was 14 weeks old. it was awesome! i got desperate and linked these suckers from one side of the car to the other, so i could hang toys in front of her face as she sat. screaming. it didn't really work, but, i thought it was a great idea. almost 5 years later, and i'm still using them on baby J's stroller. i attach them to the stroller somehow and then link his sippy cup on it. that way, as he tosses it overboard (multiple times) it never hits the ground.

7. lanolin, lanolin, lanolin. you're welcome.

8. a comfy rocker/glider with really padded arms so that while nursing, baby's head isn't rammed into a piece of hard wood. if you're checking out comfy rockers/gliders in the store, sit in one for a while. like, 45 minutes (an approximate nursing time for a newborn). are you comfy without a footstool? do you need one? buy one. today.

side note here: set up two nursing stations, or one if you choose. i always had a nursing station in my bed and in the rocker in baby's room. what, you ask, do you stock at a nursing station? i'm so glad you asked! a. bottled water. i can't tell you how many times i sat down to nurse and immediately felt dehydrated and parched. there's something about nursing that makes your mouth feel like cotton. b. lots of burp cloths, c. baby nail clippers, d. a protein snack, e. your phone so you can easily text or call your husband to please bring home dinner or if you're like me, you had the lactation consultant on speed dial, f. a nose sucker, and g. more lanolin.

9. zipper footy pajamas. there are many functional, adorable snap footy pajamas, but i promise you, in the middle of the night when you are dealing with a screaming wriggly baby, you will be wishing for one long zipper instead of 1,781 individual snaps.

10. the hospital nose sucker. there are plenty of nose suckers at walmart or your local pharmacy, but none will suck a teeny nose or mouth quite like those brown suckers from the hospital. swipe, i mean, ask for as many as you can.

and that, dear friend, is it in a nut shell. i can't wait to meet this little one for which we all prayed! what a special girl already!

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Erica M. said...

Wow, you're FAST! This is a great list-I'm copying and pasting into a word document to take with us on our next attempt at a registry :) Love the tips too-I have much to learn. Thank you for being such an encourager and for the PRAYERS! Love you lots!!