Friday, December 16, 2011

macaroni crafts make me happy.

i've never been a crafty person. in fact, the one time i went to any sort of vacation bible school during the summer i hated it because we did one dumb craft with popsicle sticks and painted a cheap plastic window-catcher with water colors.

stupid, i said. what a waste of time. i was like, 6.

but now that i'm all grown up & super wise with tons of life experience under my belt (if you've been reading here long enough, hopefully you heard the sarcasm there), i heart kids' crafts. i heart them because i understand how they can be little treasures. a little hand-print turkey on the Thanksgiving table is the cutest thing ever. especially when it's your precious child's hand-print. i get it now.

now, when the toilet paper roll is empty, i don't toss the roll. if you come over, you'll see empty toilet paper rolls lining the window sills in both bathrooms. there are empty egg cartons on top of my fridge, just waiting to be filled with nuts & berries on a nature walk outside. instead of throwing popsicle sticks in the garbage, i'm rinsing them off & stashing them in my silverware drawer. and yes, once i sacrificed a popsicle just so my girls could use the stick for a craft. i'm also saving all the buttons that come with just-bought sweaters or khakis. because, you know, they can be eyeballs or noses for little toilet-paper-roll-people. don'tcha know??

so imagine my happiness when the girls came home with probably half-a-dozen Christmas crafts on the last day of Mother's Day Out today. there were reindeer hand-print pictures, styrophone cup angels, and laminated candy canes galore. all of them treasures, and i will be saving them for years to come. but my favorite? a macaroni Christmas ornament frame with miss poopy shorts' picture in it. awwwwww. i mean, it really could've been a picture of a random child, i just loved the macaroni so much.

i never thought i'd say that.

now i just need to invest in a hot glue gun and my life would be complete.

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