Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the most wonderful time of year.

you know what makes me happy? to hear that when asked by her teachers at Mother's Day Out what is the meaning of Christmas, miss poopy shorts yells out 'JESUS' amongst the other answers about Santa & presents and such.
or when the sweet neighbor lady stops by to tell the Eldest she hopes Santa brings her lots of presents this year and my daughter gives her a blank look, eyes blinking. . and later she tells me 'she must not know about Jesus'.
this is the third year we've led the girls in Advent each night.
and each night they recite more. or remember something else. or learn something new.
it's a good thing, because they'll be teaching this little fella, too.


The Jones Family said...

love it! where did you get your advent calendar/banner... it looks like one i once saw on j. pipers website

jenny said...

yes it is! i don't think they have it available anymore, but i'm not sure. it's super cute with the little wooden figures!