Thursday, December 29, 2011

my thoughts.

so glad it's warm and the little girls love being outside...and I can think. and drink coffee. and blog. I feel like I just woke up from a long heavy nap, but I didn't. you know that sluggish feeling. boy I need my hairs cut, but the little girls need to go to the dentist more. that sounds like fun. we've been listening to tons of pandora music, as that was part of what the husband gave me. did you know kids music can play for 12 hours a day? like, cool kids' music. fun stuff that makes them just sit on the couch & listen with this excited look on their face. while I make dinner. or blog. so I'm still trying to figure out how to post pictures to my bloggy-woggy on this here awesome iPad. I will figure it out. it just pains me to let blogspot go. oh, I hear the girls on the deck talking about how cool it would be to have hot chocolate when they come in. i should make some now & surprise them. there is stuff everywhere. presents still sitting out to be wrapped, a 6 pack of tomato juice for tomato soup tonite, a random snow globe, the girls' new shoes we got this morning, a pacifier on the husband's bible, a box of clementines, a bag full of chocolate. yes, really. that part is for me. I've gotta feed the birds, those poor little things. I just talked to my dad, he said I could plant more spinach even now, if I wanted. stoked. the little girls are in love with Rudolph. it's hilarious. we'll be planning baby J's first birthday party soon. wow. I'm going to attempt a dump truck cake. because he got quite a few for Christmas.

ok. I'm gonna get on that hot chocolate.

that is all.

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