Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year goals, aspirations, & fat chances.

the husband asked if I had any new year resolutions.

I said "nope. I'm just going to continue to survive."

which led me to at least ponder things I would like to try:
     iron the husband's pants
     start every day with clean dishes and an empty sink.
     wake up earlier
     read that stack of books
     clean the kitchen floor, not just wipe up messes with Clorox wipes.
     make a new meal once a week
     learn to coupon
     clean the bathrooms once a week
     wash the windows once a month

but if I do these things, I won't have time for these things:
     being available & flexible
     teaching the Eldest to read
     drawing cwith-mus twees with miss poopy shorts
     library story time
     rainy movie & popcorn days.
     playtime with little friends
     playtime with big friends
     eating every now and then.

enter Serenity prayer.

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