Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thankful. Thankful that little boy blue is feeling better and still sleeping right now. He ran a fever for most of his first Christmas.

Thankful that the little girls love their big-girl bikes (if you can call kid bikes with training wheels 'big kid bikes'). Since it's been rainy and wet these past few days, our kitchen became a bit of a race track.

Thankful that spinach is still growing, and just this morning I saw broccoli heads forming! Wahoooo!

Thankful for my wonderful husband who gave me a couple gifts that make long days a bit more enjoyable..

Speaking of long days, we're gonna have to get creative up in here with no Mother's Day Out, story time at the library, & finally some real cold weather....if you can call the 40's real cold weather. But I did make the girls a new art table, thanks to Martha Stewart. Yep, she gave me a fabulous idea, and they love it..tons more space to spread out, it's much taller since babyJ started swiping their crayons, and underneath is a cave strung with Christmas lights. I would show you a picture, but this here new iPad doesn't upload pics to blogger...which leads me to the next subject.

I'm moving to Wordpress. I know. Big. Intimidated is not the word. But my question to you is, will you follow me there? You never know what surprises lay around the corner, in the Land of Words that Press.

Let me know what you think.

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