Monday, January 09, 2012

arts & crafts.

so the little girls spend probably 80% of their day coloring, glueing, cutting. . repeat. their little art table was getting awfully small, and babyJ thought it super fun to walk by & swipe markers, crayons, & their masterpieces & run for the hills.

enter this snazzy project, brought to you by Pinterest. my first real Pinterest project.

well, the first was the idea to paint my kitchen grey. but that's less project-y and more home-improvement-y.

I thought this was a stellar idea. take two of those cube-y shelves, which I already had, turn them around, get Lowes to cut a 6x3 ft board, wrap it in oil cloth & staple it on, a d voila.

enter new art table.
see? it doubles as a cool cave, and I also stapled Christmas lights underneath. and when the toys are actually picked up, you don't even notice them because they're nice & hidden. we don't have a play room in our little home. this would be it.

the next project had been on my mind for months, ever since the husband & my dad built the girls their swing set. I just secured enough scrap wood to finally do it.

it's a rough little clubhouse under the slide platform.


they literally spend hours out there, making soups, cookies, and of course. . dirt pot pie.
it's dirty, though. especially after it rains. but, that just makes it more fun.
see the little window? and the flower window boxes?
I had so much fun doing this. but I'm sure my neighbors are glad I'm not hammering anymore.

for now.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute projects. Pinterest is making me itch to get some things done this week too.

I never thought about oil cloth. Why use that? (Just curious.)