Friday, January 13, 2012

look! a random list!

doing: typing. geez.

what I ate for dinner last night: this new fancy steak-spinach-walnut-blueberry-salad. my mother-in-law gave me a new cookbook called 'Eating Well'. I've given it an honest try, with several new recipes. so far the husband & I agree a couple of them should be called 'Eating Cardboard'. but this fancy salad was pretty great.

listening to: Andrew Peterson on Pandora

wishing: for cookie dough ice cream. hold the ice cream.

excited about: the stack of books I got for Christmas.

not excited about: no cookie dough ice cream in my freezer.

can't believe that: tomorrow the husband & I tour a kindergarten. because we have a kid who will go to kindergarten on August 1st. like, 7 months away.

stinks that: everyone has little colds. again. and my throat is sore.

can't believe that: I'm letting a ton of laundry just sit there. laughing at me. but seriously, I haven't had the time this week. and now I just don't care. I know.

what's for dinner tonight: breakfast burritos.

really really hoping for: tomorrow to start summer. but seeing as how it snowed a little this morning, probably not gonna happen. a girl can hope.

loving: Angelina ballerina. and Roku.

now I'm going to: check out the girls' room and make sure it's not a huge raging mess.

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