Thursday, January 05, 2012

thank you to the masses.

'you're a rock star.'

'3 in a grocery cart?? you are cu-ra-zy!'

'you've got your hands full. what are their ages? 4, 3, & almost 1? yeah, you've got your hands full.'

'you are one brave woman.'

I hear this a lot. like, everywhere I go. every outing. every Walmart trip. every trip to story time. every trip to the Y. the consignment store. target. the mall. church. yes, church.

it warms my heart, really. the general public is endearing. kind. helpful. you have held doors open for me so many times. you have picked up countless sippy cups thrown to the floor. you have tracked me down in Walmart to hand me a lost pacifier. you have come behind me to return a dropped princess purse, full of treasures. you have given us free cookies, candy, drinks, & toys. you have watched two of my children while I ran after the other. you have brought me drink refills. you have cleaned our messes. you have loaded my car and my van. you have loaned me diapers and wipes. you've let us hold your puppy. you've pushed my strollers. you've held my babies.

thank you. from the bottom of my tired, full, crazy, rock-star heart.

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