Tuesday, January 31, 2012

things I'm learning

listen to their hearts. okay, this is totally not me. you would not have read this on my bloggy woggy 2 years ago. rather, you would have read something more like 'hearts? I'm way more concerned about obedience'. but it's funny, when I listen to what she's really trying to say, and where it's coming from, that obedience just falls right into place.

if they're whiny, mad, sad, or just grumpy, I'm trying to look at myself first. did I push them too much? one too many errands? does she need to eat? is this a new sickness coming on? I'm actually usually to blame. crazy, I know.

I can't do more than 2 loads of laundry a day. I just can't.

give them a little freedom. it will be okay. if miss poopy shorts wants to line up 5 cups of water on the counter for every member of the family, dripping and spilling as she goes. . . it will be okay.

crack down on the serious stuff & follow through immediately.

do not discipline at bedtime. it's not fun & it's not worth it. they lay in bed & think about what I just said.

sometimes we need a little separation. even if for one hour.

bring Jesus into every conversation. just try it.

know their weaknesses & put them first. do not blame them for your lack of protection (can you tell I'm really trying to learn this?)

sunshine & dirt changes everything.

do the next thing.

teach them that life is ministry, not just because their daddy is a pastor & it's sorta our job. teach them to take it to school. teach them to bring people into their home. teach them to stay up late/skip routines/wake early, for the sake of another.

and finally, the most important thing I'm learning: coffee fights illnesses such as cancer, depression, common colds. really! bring it ON.

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