Friday, January 06, 2012

things I say to miss poopy shorts

don't take your socks off.
don't play with your spaghetti.
eat it with your teeth, don't just lick it.
please don't lick the furniture.
don't take your shoes off outside.
we use our spoon and fork, not our fingers.
where is your underwear?
we don't take our pants off.
don't touch the cart. 
don't squish him.
no jumping in the bathtub.
what's your name today?
go get some underwear.
the restaurant booth is not a bed.
please don't lick me.
you don't have to take every marker cap off.
draw on paper, not yourself.
please don't scream. I know he thinks it's funny, but i don't.
please don't wash your sister's hair. I'll do that.
you don't have to use all the soap at one time.
If you take your jacket off you have to come inside.
you don't have to put all the marshmallows in your mouth at one time.
if you drink your milk like a big girl, it won't come out your nose.

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Rapunzel's Wish said...

LOL! Yep!
Love your post!! ;)