Friday, February 10, 2012


another week has come and gone. Wednesday got here and I swore it was only Monday. long week.

but a good week. I did a big fun project for the chilluns. . I'll post some pics as soon as Blogsy starts working properly.

the little girls had Winter Camp at their grandparents for almost 4 days, three nights. I say 'camp' because they are kept super busy. this morning they were so sleepy and draggy. but it's a good thing. they love love being there, and i love love the downtime. time with one babe. one really easy, fun, stellar-napper babe. I drank coffee slowly. and if you know me, that's like heaven.

I went and visited my BFF who was actually in the beginning stages of laboring with her third and final baby herself. we laughed hard, as usual. just picked right up where we left off. . 15 years old at summer camp (has it been 17 years??). . memories of long walks past curfew during college. . skinny dipping in early spring. . driving to Maine, our last great adventure. . holding each others' wedding dresses up to holding & kissing each other's babies. . visiting with her is the equivalent of getting a 3-hour nap. it's that awesome. she had Reece Monroe last night. I can't wait to squeeze him.

this morning with my little girls back dawned fast and hard. you know what I mean? Apple juice all over the floor. it took me all day to get the sticky out. i forget the mental sharpness I need in order to keep up. breakfast was over, and i was done.

pathetic, really.

miss poopy shorts came back sweeter. the eldest came back smarter. I felt like I'd missed something and I got sad. . but that thought quickly vanished as I remembered the peace and quiet and how thankful I am for energetic, retired, Jesus-loving in-laws. I'm learning that is a rarity.

something else I'm thankful for? new friendships. new but old, blessed and deep, trusted and shared. . quick, hilarious friendship. straight from the Father of Heavenly Lights. thank you.

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