Friday, March 30, 2012

back to the future.

I jump out of the van and unlock the back door so the girls can go in, take shoes off, wash up. . while they're doing that, I unload the van, grab the baby toddler, and head in. did my 3 1/2 year old go straight to the bathroom like I asked? nope. she found the opened container of cake icing with which i was attempting to use on her sister's cake earlier, and had completely helped herself. 

wordlessly, I directed her to the bathroom. 

later, she is a glue & glitter mess. her hands, her hair, her does the shiny stuff end up allll over?? again, I tell her to go wash up as I clean up her mess. I mean, art creation.

I hear the water running for quite some time. upon further inspection I see she has squirted half of the brand new tube of toothpaste into the sink as she is brushing her teeth. I'm not sure why she is brushing her teeth. again, wordlessly, I clean it up & declare it's now Room Time. 

off we go to her room. she asks to return to the living room and get her treasured real helium balloon her grandparents brought her yesterday. yes. I wait for her. and wait. thoughts of cake icing and glitter paint on the walls spur me to hunt her down. there she is, back at the art table. beginning another glitter project. (yes, I cleaned it up from before. yes, she found an almost empty tube of glitter from the trash can). 

again, fearing my words, I silently pluck her from the table and carry her to her room where her sister is playing happily with princesses and ponies.

and I make myself think of her future as a creative arts designer at a big advertising agency. 

and I feel much better.

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