Saturday, March 17, 2012

picture heavy week.

so this was a pretty active week. a good week. very very active. 

so I apologize in advance for all the pictures.

no I don't. it's why you read here! sheesh!

with no further ado. .   the kiddos and I found a new climbing thingie.

the jungle princess was in heaven.

I don't know if being alllllmost 5 years old has anything to do with it, but
she will attempt to climb anything. even the shelves at Walmart.

to go along with that, we've been going to this awesome open gym time at a 
gymnasium for little kiddos.

let me tell you how fun the foam pit is.

and this. this is such a weightless, euphoric experience.


doesn't he already resemble a Russian gymnast? 

that stomach is all muscle.

ahhh, dontcha love the parachute?

what's a week without a real tea party?

did you know those plastic cups have teeny holes in them? 

me neither.

and, to round it all out, a mud fight.

yep. we were the hippie parents relaxing on the deck eating fried tacos, enjoying 
good conversation while our kidlets were getting as muddy as possible in the rain
ditch nearby.

but before we hosed them off & showered them as well as we could,
considering they were all yelping and screaming during the cold process,
we had to feed them dessert.

because they were suffering.

JBoy was pretty confused about all the stuff on his sisters' faces.

and guess what? tomorrow begins another week! woo hooooo!!

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