Friday, March 09, 2012

princess gardeners.

yesterday being the glorious weather-day it was, the little girls planted their very own flower bed.

I got the holes started, and they dug them out. we all exclaimed loudly if there was a wormy creature in the dirt.

then I handed them each plant & resisted the urge to set it just right in the dirt.

then they pat-pat-patted the plants with dirt and encouraged it to grow.

the only catastrophe was miss poopy shorts scooping out the dirt and throwing it over her right shoulder directly into the Jungle Princess's eyeball.

miss poopy shorts now says she wants to be a princess gardener when she grows up.

maybe she'll live in Buckingham Palace and tend the gardens.

the Jungle Princess said she wants to be a gardener and a mama when she grows up. I told her she could be a missionary gardener, teaching others how to grow their own food and then teaching them about Jesus.

she dug it.

get it?

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