Friday, March 02, 2012

sick week.

so this week was Sick Week. miss poopy shorts and JBoy got a lovely case of strep throat. it was a Christmas, I mean, Spring Miracle, that the Jungle Princess didn't get it.

wait. did I tell you I changed The Eldest's name? yeah. it just fits.

besides a whole barrel of gummy bears, which I didn't think was a good idea, the only thing that would make my sweet sickly 3 year old happy was a ridiculous amount of glue & glitter.

yes, I'm still cleaning up. did you know glitter is impossible to wipe off oil cloth? and skin, for that matter? and eyelids? and cracks in the kitchen floor?

well it is.

so what did we do the rest of the days in which we were stuck, I mean, enjoying some downtime at home? welllll.....I did about 2,567 loads of laundry, I actually really cleaned the kitchen floor for the first time in many moons, followed a toddler around the yard over and over, made the little girls a new bridge to span the rain ditch in their exploring spot (enter 'Jungle Princess'), rearranged the girls' room in which I found the first arrangement is truly the biggest space-saver so I put it all back again, dug a flower bed border all the way around the veggie garden, cleaned the front beds, gave everyone fresh sheets ( why does this take forEVER?), annnnd....cleaned up glitter.

just a closer look-see if you didn't catch all the glue and sparkle.

ooh, and the Jungle Princess read her first real words sentences, like from a real book! neat!

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