Saturday, March 24, 2012

these are the facts.

fact #1: water and glitter don't mix.

fact #2: springing forward is way better than falling back. welcome, longer mornings. nice to see you again.

fact #3: no matter how long my day, my husband is probably more tired than I am.

fact #4: little kid underwear is too cheap to try to salvage after a potty accident. for real. just toss it.

fact #5: black spray paint really works magic.

fact #6: if your 3 year old picks your only blooming daffodils of the season, it's okay. smile. say thank you.

fact #7:  embrace rainy days. they're a gift.

fact #8: miss poopy shorts doesn't like crowds. and I need to remember that.

fact #9: fig preserves boiled a bit on the stove & drizzled over a baked pork loin is uh-mazing.

fact #10: yelling, throwing, talking too much, making messes, writing on walls, jumping off furniture, spinning around in circles for fun, not talking at all, making up ridiculous knock-knock jokes, running away, not leaving my side, eating too much, not eating at all. . it's just what they do. 

embrace it all.

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