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a'blogging we shall go, a'blogging we shall go, high-ho the dairy-o (what?) a'blogging we shall go. . welcome! i'm jenny. i love to write. i've written since i was about 9 years old. well, nothing super special. unless you count that one Pulitzer of '89. but that's on my more, ahem, professional blog. this one? not so professional. here you'll find funny stories, oddities, wonderings, plenty of pictures, deep-woods survival techniques, and how to start a kitchen fire in less than 7 seconds. . who am i? a country girl from Alabama who meandered in Tennessee, wandered in Mexico, and finally settled down in north Georgia. my loves? my husband and my two daughters. most days i'm scrambling between piles of laundry, sippy cups, and play-time. lots of it. but what i do the most? i try to find that deep love of this time in my life. it's a simple time, and it's not coming back. so join me in laughing at the hard stuff and loving the little things. glad you're here!