what i love

the beach. show me a person who doesn't love the beach, and i'll show you. . oh nevermind. i'm sure there are lots of folks who hate the beach. i mean, after a while that sand is pretty annoying. and don't think i'm not thinking about those 12-foot great whites out there. cause i am. every time my pinky toe is in the water, i'm thinking of those great whites. but i love it. it's no wonder back in the olden days, sick people were sent to the sea to get better. i believe God made the horizon to rest the eyes. my mom said that one summer while staring at the ocean, and i'll never forget it. ohhh give me a home, where the sea billows rollllll---what? are those two songs? crazy.

my herb garden. just waiting to be filled. i have big plans for this perfect little spot. oh, notice the new 4 8-foot timbers. hmm. how did i purchase these again? see here.

hotels. fancy ones. plain ones. scary ones. love 'em all. what more do you need, really? little coffee maker, bed, tv, potty. no washer. no dryer. no sink to put dirty dishes. no dishes, period. nice.


dolly. love her. love her history. love her heart. love her music. i heart dolly. and i'm pretty sure we're related.

and i could live off these guys. and coffee.